A Memoir

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AVAILABLE  October 20, 2021

Derek Durkot - Canadian Literary Council
"Hear Me Roar was impossible to put down. Fast-paced, engaging, and suspenseful. I'll be thinking about Hear Me Roar for a long time to come."
Yvonne Rabinovich MSW
"Well written and riveting. Ms. Hood relays her traumatic past but also gives the reader a sense of hope, strength, and inspiration."

Mindi Hood

Mindi is a Transit Operator in Burlington, Ontario as well as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is passionate about Architecture, the Social Sciences, and Humanitarian Causes. Hear Me Roar is her first book, and through it she aspires to spread messages of love, hope, and faith. She lives with her beautiful daughter, Mackenzie and their two adorable dogs, Ally and Maddie.

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